井上尚弥 Naoya Inoue




*Followed by English translation. 大橋ボクシングジム所属 現WBA世界バンタム級スーパー王者 現IBF世界バンタム級王者 元WBC世界ライトフライ級王者 元WBC世界スーパーフライ級王者 通算成績 22戦22勝(19KO)無敗 小学校一年でボクシングを始め、高校一年でインターハイ・国体・選抜の三冠獲得。 勝利を重ね続け、高校生にして、ボクシング史上初の7つのタイトルを獲得。 プロ転向後は4戦目で日本王座に。 以降、「世界」を舞台に戦い、2017年に世界最速の8戦目での2階級制覇を達成し、 世界ボクシング界年間MVPを獲得。2018年5月には国内最短で3階級制覇を達成。 2019年5月18日英国グラスゴーでWBSS準決勝を259秒TKOで制し決勝へ進出。 2019年11月7日さいたまスーパーアリーナで行われたWBSSバンタム級決勝で、 12R 3-0の判定勝ちを収めWBSSバンタム級初代王者に輝いた。 2021年12月開催のPXB WORLD SPIRITS にてWBAは6度目、IBFでは4度目の防衛に成功し、2年ぶりの国内凱旋試合を心待ちにしていた日本のファンを大いに沸かせた。 PXB公式NFT特設サイト:www.phoenixbattle.jp/goods/nft1214.html Twitter:twitter.com/PXB_PR A professional boxer of Ohashi Boxing Gym WBA and IBF bantamweight world champion A former WBC light flyweight world champion and WBC super flyweight world champion Boxing record: 22 fights, 22 wins (19 KOs), undefeated He started boxing in first grade, and won titles of the Inter-High School Championships, the National Sports Festival, and the National High School Invitational Tournament in 10th grade. He continued to win and became the first boxer in history to win seven titles, in his high school days. After turning pro, he won the Japanese title in his fourth fight. Since then, he has expanded into the world, and on his eighth fight in 2017, he became the fastest boxer in the world to win two weight classes. In May 2018, he became the fastest boxer in Japan to win three weight classes. On May 18, 2019, in Glasgow, England, he won the WBSS semifinal by TKO, in just 259-seconds. With a 12R 3-0 decision,he became the first WBSS Bantamweight Champion, in the WBSS Bantamweight Final at Saitama Super Arena on November 7, 2019. He successfully defended his WBA title for the sixth time and his IBF title for the fourth time at the PXB WORLD SPIRITS in December 2021. Japanese fans who were looking forward to his triumphant match in Japan after a two-year absence, went wild with excitement. PXB official NFT special site: www.phoenixbattle.jp/goods/nft1214e.html Twitter: twitter.com/PXB_PR